Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back on a track

For all those friends that patiently keep checking our blog, we owe a new post.
Enough time has passed from the long journey to Brazil, that now we can evaluate the "mission" and its results. If we look back one year in time, when the preparations were on the top, we should be glad with the result. Our main goal of the trip was to find a cute, little space which we would like that much that it would turn into our home. From the very beginning of our relationship we knew we wanted to experience a neutral third country to be able to choose where to live. On each step of our long trip we were comparing life there with our habits and with an idea to get settled down there.

Six months after coming back from Brazil, we can say that we have eventually found our paradise. It has always been here for us; but it got brighter when we were far away. While traveling it occurred many times that we were day-dreaming of Rakitna and were wishing to get back there. Now we know, we are sure, where the Home is. Our minds are set and happy. We have got back to routine with many happy thoughts of a big journey. The journey reminded us that we fit together and it gave us a proof to get married. We recently fulfilled our promise!
Brazil still warms our hearts and we will gladly keep returning to Salvador, to our friends!

The mission completed!
Polona and Simon